About our Classes

Our main theatre show will take place in the the Spring taking the pressure off the June Madness period!

After the show until the end of our term in May, we will continue  with work on key skills and having some fun!

For Flame, our focus will be on Musical Theatre and drama skills .  The dance element will be an optional extra as part of a Saturday workshop prior to the show and so only for those that really enjoy dance.  

The year will be organised with regular weekly sessions and a weekend all cast rehearsal and an in class all cast  rehearsal.

Flicker 5-7 year olds (Theatre and Dance)

Flicker is for our younger members aged 5-7 years.  In a typical session, they will have an introduction to theatre and drama techniques and learn a selection of the songs, scenes and dances that will be included into the overall Performing Arts show.

The Flickers will work on their very own Musical Theatre piece working with  script aimed at their age and level that we will integrate into the overall performance. This will give them more time on stageand input into making props

During the all cast rehearsal the 2 groups will then integrate their choreography for the finale.

If your child is limit Flicker /Flame ,  has experience dancing or performing in general please do contact us if you would prefer the Flame option – we will be flexible! Please see HERE for details of class times and fees.

Flame 7-15 Year olds Anglophone

Flame is for English speaking children age 7-15 years old. The children are divided into groups according to their age and ability and also according to the act they are working on.

All children participate in the different performing arts so acting, choreographed singing sets  and also learn about stage management techniques, stage direction etc. Each term starts with sessions that will focus on developing key skills and then will lead into preparing for the show.

Children in this group will be given speaking roles and lead roles  in the performance and so will need to commit to coming to the maximum of sessions This is a really empowering group for children who feel International but who live in France.

They can connect with other children just like them, express themselves in a language they really feel comfortable in as well as enjoy the performing arts. Please see HERE for details on the Flame Class times.