The Academy of Performing Arts

Musical theatre , Drama, Singing  with an optional Dance workshop

in English near Sophia Antipolis on the Cote D’Azur.

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Established in 2012, the Performing Arts Academy encourages and inspires pupils by providing a varied, professional and exciting environment for  to learn and share.  Our focus is to tailor classes to the needs of our pupils in order to ensure an inclusive, positive comfortable and safe working environment.

Our Theatre Dance and Singing classes Flame, Flicker and Flash groups are multi-skills sessions aimed at young performers performers aged 5-15 years old. The classes are split into different age ranges and offer support and encouragement to all, from those taking their first steps in drama, to those more focused on developing skills for the stage. The school welcomes both those who simply want to have fun and learn new skills as well as those who want to pursue an artistic career.

Drama and music can be greatly beneficial for all, but particularly for young people. Through participation in arts activity, young people develop skills that are not only useful for a career in theatre, but also skills that are transferable to real-life contexts including team management and building, self-confidence, public speaking, social and cultural interaction and tolerance and understanding.

The skills and techniques taught in our sessions follow the English National Curriculum and are designed to be fun, creative and engaging.

In addition to working on how to act, sing and dance, children will participate in sessions that will focus on team building, developing confidence and establishing positive relationships. Once we have introduced the Drama and Musical rules we will work on developing the skills that use both body and voice. Themes include communicating stories or ideas through movement or developing the ideas of characterization and performing when in role. Weekly classes